Never to Late

/ Student / Medical Assisting

Posted on April 9, 2013

I was at a stand still in my life and not sure what I wanted to do next. I was a young mom so that left me a young woman with grown children not knowing what to do. I tossed some ideas around and found Carrington on line so I called. I had a wonderful conversation with the woman and she set me up with a time to meet an advisor. I met my advisor and she was so encouraging and never once made me feel like I had to decide that day. It took me a month to think about committing to the program and when I called my advisor back she knew exactly who I was. She gave me a time to come in and meet with her and anyone else who passed her office. Everyone was so helpful and willing to answer any questions I had. I started the program a few weeks later and boy was I nervous. I hadn’t been in school for over 20 years besides a college class here and there. The teachers was so nice and helped me get right into things. Everyone got along pretty well and it always seemed like the students that were getting ready to leave on extern were willing to help the most. I enjoyed my classes and the hands on lab. I learned so much and felt like I knew more than the MA at the office where I was an extern at. When I had questions or I felt like I needed help with something I knew the staff was always there to help me. I graduated from the medical program at Carrington College San Jose in May 2012. That was one of the happiest days of my life. I had always told my kids that they could achieve any goal they want and school is never to late. Three of my four kids were able to be there that day, and I felt like I showed them it’s never to late. They all told me how proud they were and my 2nd son said, “It’s never to late.” That made me cry.