My wings are growing and I am ready to soar

/ Student / Medical Billing and Coding

Posted on February 27, 2013

I have only started my first mod at Carrington College this month and I have to say I can already feel that my wings are slowly growing. Each day, I attend class, I learn something new and each day is an accomplishment. My instructor is helpful, kind and she does care about our education. I really enjoy coming to class and doing homework because I am only focusing on one thing and that one thing is really ONE thing; Medical Billing and Coding. So far, I am doing well and I tell myself everyday that I can do it. Motivating ourselves is the first step that will help ourselves make goals happen and I am happy to say that I am attending Carrington College because I never felt like I could fly and I never felt like I could have wings to explore and expand. Now, that I have this opportunity and I will do my best because I am ready to soar with experience and skills that can be useful in the field. Lastly, just be yourself and be comfortable because anything you do, no one is doing it for you but yourself.