my story on how i attended carrington college

/ Student / Dental Assisting

Posted on November 20, 2012

Hello my name Niesha Barrow I am a current student a Carrington College.I’m in the dental assisting program I first was interested in carrington when I was 20 years old that’s when I met Iva she was really nice and helpful but I didn’t start like I wanted to because my parents didn’t wanna be responsible for the school loans so I went the two year college route that didn’t work out it just wasn’t for me so when I turned 24 I went back to see Iva and did all my paper work and I was all ready to start in Oct of 2010 I found out I was pregnant so when the first day of school came I only went for that one day. Now fast forward to 2012 my son is older and I’m back going to school. He’s the reason I get up every morning and get ready for school even when I don’t feel like it.I’m a single mother I have to be mommy and daddy I want to give my son the best life I possibly can