My New Life Path

/ Student / Veterinary Technology

Posted on November 20, 2012

I got so sick and tired of working different customer service jobs. They would be fun for a while, then I’d always go home upset because I didn’t like the way I was treated due to my occupational status plus I knew I wasn’t going anywhere in life. I’ve always been an animal lover and had quite a variety of pets growing up. Dogs, cats, horses, birds etc. I realized I’d rather be happy working with something I loved than working full time and going home upset and empty handed. This is where Carrington comes in. As soon as I found out Carrington had a veterinary program, I sent my information and was immediately contacted. I set up an appointment and took a tour of the campus. Everyone there is super nice and welcoming. I’m still attending, but I look forward to school almost every day and they teachers are great at keeping me motivated to succeed.