My Life Has Begun

/ Student / Physical Therapy Technology

Posted on January 31, 2012

I was very blessed to get the opportunity to attend an awsome school. Carrington College changed my life in every way possible. I was in a deep hole with everything. No job, 3 year old kid, living at home with my parents and had no finacial set up what so ever. Then I got an opportunity to attend school at no cost to me. I am a member of the Navajo Tribe and they helped me pay for school. All I had to do was get good grades. I was a straight A student in the Physical Therapy program. I love to help people and wanted to do it in a way that I was comforatable. Physical therapy was the perfect fit. I went out to do my externship and did a great job. 2 months after I finished there they Hired me. So now its official. All i had to do was believe in myself and stick by those who love and support what ever you chose to do. I am very happy and plan to continue my education in this field.