My future

/ Student / Medical Assisting

Posted on February 11, 2014

I just started my term a few weeks ago and I thought to myself that it’s just going to be the same type of school that I went to for jr. College. When I first walked into the Carrington campus in San Jose I automatically felt like I was walking into my future. All the staff that helped me through out my process made me feel welcomed and gave me a positive outlook. Becoming part of the medical assistant program with Mr. Sanchez has helped me realized I choose the right program and I am enjoying ever moment of it. Mr. Sanchez structured the class in a way that I am able to understand what the lecture is about. Also before moving on he makes sure that everyone understands. I’ve never experienced that at the other school I went to. Being part of this campus makes me look forward to going to school and actually wanting to learn. I’ve always learned best by doing hands on experience so to have a school that does that makes it better for me to understand.