My Days at Carrington College

/ Student / Medical Billing and Coding

Posted on November 8, 2013

My days at Carrington College have been very enjoyable and helpful. I have learned a lot in Medical Billing and Coding and will be able to get a good job when I am finished with this unit. All of the staff in the office and all of the teachers are so nice and helpful whether they are your teachers or past modules. The teachers that I have had have always been so helpful and understanding. When I didn’t get something all I had to do was ask and they take the time to help you figure it out. So don’t be affraid to ask for extra help because they are always there to help you. Everyone here is wanting you to succeed . It doesn’t matter your age I’m here to show you that, I’m 68 years young and still learning. It isn’t easy after being out of school for over 50 years but it is coming back a little at a time and sometimes a lot at a time. I hope that they meaning the employment force will be ready for me when I am done, because I am ready for them, I will be Succeeding in MAY 2014 that is when I will graduate. Hope to see you there. i have learned a lot