Making a Better Way

/ Student / Medical Laboratory Technician

Posted on February 5, 2012

I am a single mom and have only been for a short while, so when my children and I moved here to Arizona in Feb. 2011 I knew things were going to be difficult. When I contacted Carrington in May after being unsuccessful in finding a job, I didn’t realize that going back to school was actually a viable option for me. I then found out that Carrington was formerly Apollo and expressed to the career person how much I had wanted to attend there when I was a fresh High School grad in 2002. Unable to then because of living too far away, I was overjoyed when I was slated to start classes for Massage Therapy in June. Student services has helped me through desperate times of not being able to have enough food or hygiene products. Also I have always felt that they really care about our success and I am looking forward to becoming a Carrington graduate and embarking on my new career!