Life Changing

/ Student / Medical Billing and Coding

Posted on September 20, 2012

When I graduated high school it was already expected to go to college and graduate. I wanted to go to college but not a University. So, I went to Pima for a couple of years. I liked being able to build my own schedule and choose my own courses but the pase of classes was too long for me. I love to learn and learn anything and everything and going to Pima was too slow pase for me. Now being at Carrington College I love the class sizes and the fast pase courses. It was not my first choice but the end result is me graduating and having a career. I love that I made the choice to come to this school. Carrington has helped me in more than just education. The Aspire program helped me get through some finacial problems as well as coping with a close friend’s death. Life happens and me being at Carrington College with my classmates and instructor has helped me stay on track and get through life. I am definitely blessed that I decided to come to this college