Kirstyns journey

/ Student / Medical Radiography

Posted on September 27, 2012

Well I had all my instructors 100% behind me, every step of the way. They pushed me to become the technologist that I am now:) I recently graduated from the radiology program and I have 2 jobs. If it wasn’t for this college and the help from the staff and my professors I wouldn’t be here right now:). I rated the school an 8 for 1 reason. During my clinicals I was struggling and needed help,but yet when I needed it most the only person that was there to help was Michael Barnett the student advocate. But what I really needed was an out and no one would help me. Which was very frustrating. I wanted to give up but kept pushing through it. Everyday was a struggle, but then 6 months in the my site things turned around and i guess I would say that I’m glad no one helped me. But it was a rough road for a long time. I resented this college for a long time, during the whole fight but now I would say I’m graduated and now only owe them money haha a whole lot of it. So glad I am graduated and finally getting paid. Thank you to all the college professors. Ben, mike, Andy, mandee, Michael b and Mitch. I couldn’t have done it without u guys. P.s. sorry I hugged u at graduation Ben haha talk about an awkward moment 🙂