/ Student / Medical Laboratory Technician

Posted on April 12, 2012

After turning 40 I thought another attempt at school was far from reach. But, one day (I’m not even sure why I called) I contacted Carrington College California. I spoke to Shannon in Admissions and set up an appointment. After our meeting, I was very confident that I could begin an education and work toward a new career; a career that would allow me to support my daughter and myself. CCC helped me obtain grants and student loans (otherwise I could not have attended). Once I started classes, my life changed. I became that ‘dedicated, hardworking student’ that I used to be. Earning a 4.0 each semester was my greatest achievement in years. I cannot thank my instructors, the admissions staff and my fellow students enough for all of the support and encouragement I received while attending CCC and still receive even today.