Final semester of nursing school

/ Student / Registered Nursing

Posted on January 13, 2012

Today was our first theory/ lecture for the Medical/Surgical III class which is required for 6th semester nursing students to pass for graduation. I have never been so excited about learning. Professor G is the most amazing teacher; not only because of her approachable personality or extensive knowledge, but because of her teaching style. In this final semester, she has compiled our last 5 semesters of learning and presented this information in a systematic, logical sequence. She has tied the knot for me by solidifying my entire nursing education up to know. I can see the nursing process more clearly. I understand the reasons and rationale for why we do what we do as nurses. This class has given me more confidence throughout the nursing process, as I now have answers to my actions instead of going through the motions because it is evidenced based practice or simply because “that’s just how things are done”. Thank you Carrington College and especially thank you Professor Giglio-Siudzinski