Falling In Love with Teeth

/ Student / Dental Assisting

Posted on October 18, 2012

For a long time I was nothing more than a career student, getting bored with career choices in college, and then switching my field of study. But then I went to Carrington, and everything changed for me. My first day on the campus I was in awe of the labs and classrooms, and the level of professionalism of every person in the school, even the maintenance man. And every time I walked by someone they greeted me with a smile, saying, hi, or, how are you, or welcoming me to the campus. My second day at Carrington I completed my financial aid paperwork and was told I was set and ready to start. When I started class I was greatful that there weren’t too many people in my class, which made learning much easier. Plus, the students, both young and old, were there to study and learn, not to party and do stupid things. But the best day came when I actually started at Carrington, at least so far… I had my first breakout session for Dental Assisting! That was the day I fell in love with teeth – when they start forming, how they form, what components make up teeth, and so much more. Once I got my book home I couldn’t put it down. It was better than reading Yasmine Galenorn or Laurell Hamilton all of a sudden. And here is the kicker, I am now in my fourth week, and I can’t wait to finish every other week. I especially can’t wait to have the opportunity to sit next to a dentist, helping them fix a person’s teeth. My new goal in life? Make sure everyone has an amazing smile, just like all the ones I got when I first started at Carrington. SIgned, Akin