Dedication to Students Success

/ Student / Medical Office Management

Posted on April 10, 2012

I started in the Massage Therapy Program when I lost my full time job in 2010. I completed the program after a short year. My intructors in that program were great, I was mentored by the programs director, Gilbert Rivera, in the Albuquerque campus and a another instructor who has moved on since my graduation. Though all of the instructors I met or were taught by, are excellent, there are always a few who will remember everyone in class even after it’s over. A few months after graduating the Massage Program, I recieved a phone call from my original Carrington Administrator, Rose Shepherd, who asked me if I would be interested in finishing my two years in the Medical Office Managagement Program, I said yes without really thinking it over because this would be earning an AS degree and I was very happy she called me. That was last summer, currently I’m nearly finished with the Program; I have just started my final 3 credit course to graduate, and will be done in about 8 weeks post this letter. Another one of my Inspirational instructors in the MOM program who was instrumental to us as students is Lee Moore out of the Phoenix campus, and is the online instructor for many classes in the MOM Program. He is another ever encouraging instructors, one you could always hear an answer from in a timely manner. For an online instructor, this was paramout; while I appreaciated being able to raise my hand and having my question immeciatly answered in Massage, an online student would have to send an email or possibly catch/miss the instructor in a phone call, it can be very frustrating. The dedication to the students during and post enrollment- success with Carrington Program instructors is what what I liked most about the college, asside from my former program administrator calling me about the program I’ll be graduating from soon, because she remembered me and of course the career services department, whom I will be speaking with again soon. I’m actually sad to see my time at Carrington end, I am inspired by my experiences here to continue my eductation in an graduate study program, most likely online. Thank you Carrington!