Construction of million dollar homes to Carrington Radiology Program at age 30???

/ Student / Medical Radiography

Posted on January 31, 2012

I was working hard in construction and ended up beating my body up in the cold and heat. I was raising 3 kids with my Wife. When work ended abruptly in construction i had some time to think about where I wanted to be in the nest 30 years. So my wife and I decided I should check into school for something that i would be interested in. A doctor friend of mine Charlie put an idea into my head about Radiology, and I went to Carrington College to find out more. I called and immediately talked to Marissa and had an appointment to come in and check out the program. I was so pleased with the small class sizes, the one on one time with our instructors and all the other resources they offer. It has been the most encouraging and educational experience for me at the Spokane, Carrington College Campus for Me. The instructors are top notch and experienced. With knowledge of all modalities and procedures. You know the instructors care and want to see you learn and advance in the field they have worked in and love. Carrington College has helped me redesign my life for a new career, and my instructors have given me the knowledge to have the career. They care about there students and want us to have a career, to help people and ourselves with the knowledge we get here. I just want to say Thank You! to all my instructors and advisers who have helped me get this far and my family for all their support.