Carrington College Helped Make My Dream Come True.

/ Student / Registered Nursing

Posted on December 21, 2012

My first year at Carrington College in Reno was awesome. The teachers are very knowledgeable and helpful. The staff is very friendly and I looked forward to coming to school every day. At the beginning of my second year, my dad became gravely ill. I thought my dream of becoming an RN would be lost. I knew I had to drop some classes so I would have the time I needed to take care of my dad. I did not know if I would have to drop out of the program, if I would be able to restart where I left off, or if I would have to start the program all over. I went to the director of the nursing program at my school, Wendy Merchant, and spoke with her regarding my dilemma. She was so helpful, understanding, and nice. She helped me decide which classes to drop and which class I could stay with to continue in the program. The financial aid person I met with was so wonderful in explaining how this would effect my financial assistance and what I would need to do. So I took only one class that semester and was able to take care of my dad, who recovered. As I finished my schooling at Carrington College in Reno, NV the instructors and other teaching staff would stop me in the halls and ask me how my dad was doing. That really showed the caring attitude Carrington College has for its students. Not only for their academic success but also as people. Thank you Carrington College of Reno!