Carrington College. Good place to become all you want to be in medical field

/ Student / Physical Therapy Technology

Posted on April 11, 2012

For the most part I enjoyed Carrington College and the time I spent there last year. I was in the Physical Therapy Technician program. The instructors were very good and knowledgeable on the cirriculum.The cirriculim itself was fast paced and challanging. I felt the variety of subjects learned were not just limited to learning in my case how to become a Physical Therapy Technician but included everything from writing resumes,to baasically career development in starting your own buisness,and what it would take to do so. Learning to become a personal trainer was also included. The administration personnel were excellent. Julie helped me to get my post 9/11 bill from the government when I had trouble in doing so for the first 3 months of class. Without it I could not have attended Carrington. Marta worked hard at getiing me my externship site and followed the progress. I at this time and am still not working in the field, but I am also looking for part time work as opposed to full time. I think they will find me somewhere to apply. I just have to do it. Thank you to all