Breathing New Life into an Old Flame

/ Student / Medical Assisting

Posted on January 17, 2013

Hello, My name is Darcy Sartor. I was first introduced to Carrington College of California, Pomona Campus,in March of 2011. Having been unemployed since 2008, due to down sizing, I felt it was time to reinvent this 51 year old. My mobility has debilitated in the past 5 years due to severe osteoarthritis and I am having to use a cane to get around. I don’t feel as old as the cane and my legs make me feel! I returned to school in March 2011, was featured as the Carrington of California “Spotlight Student” in October 2011, and graduated from the Medical Billing & Coding Certificate, Program with a 4.0 grade point average, in November 2011. My son, Ryann, was deployed overseas in Iraq and was actually able to return to the states for two weeks in order to attend my graduation! To top things off, I was asked to me the guest student speaker at or ceremony. I was flying high by the time I graduated! 1500 resumes and only one interview later, I found myself frustrated once more. From put of the blue, I received a call from Sandy Riffel, the new CareerSservices Director on the Pomona campus. The funny thing is, Sandy and I have known each other for about 10 years! When I listened to her message which stated “Hey, I.m sitting at my desk and your file was the first one I picked-up!” … “call Me!” Hmmmm …, I thought to myself, I sure hope Sandy isn’t working at a court house! After returning Sandy’s call I found out that she had just received the position at Carrington and she was surprised to see my name on one of her files. Several meetings and resume correction parties later I found myself re-enrolled at Carrington. I am currently taking the Medical Assistant Certificate Program, taught by Mr. Odum, and am enjoying every part of it. I will begin my externship in May 2013. I have set goals to take the RMA test prior to beginning my extern hours. I am going to stay positive and know that I will be employed soon! I plan on beginning my Plus-1 courses immediately after finishing my MA Course. Ultimately, I would love to come back to Carrington to teach. I WILL soar with the eagles thanks to the education and support I have received from Carrington and it’s wonderful staff!