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Posted on September 24, 2013

Hello my name is Cade Goodman. I just graduated in may and I still did not know what I really wanted to do yet. I was going to take a year off, go to Sierra junior college for rugby, or get a job and travel. But after talking to my family and friends it was best for me to go to school. I didn’t like how junior colleges operated though, I wanted to get in and get out. So one day I was watching tv and the commercial for Carrington College California came up and right then and there and I knew I wanted to go there. I looked them up and did my research. They had a criminal justice program and I always wanted to do a career that involved the law. The next thing I knew I was calling them up and I was having my tour the next day. During that tour it felt right that I was there and I was going to revive the beat education any school could offer. I am currently in the criminal justice program and it is the most interesting and fun class I have ever done.