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/ Student / Medical Laboratory Technician

Posted on April 10, 2012

I was a martial arts instructor for 5 yrs. and one day got home at the end of the day, i turned on the tv and saw you guys commercial and all the programs that you offer..Next day i went to check the personal trainer program..I had one of the most sweet and friendly counselor whom help me with all my questions and wounders about the program..I ended up signing up for massage therapiest instead..loved the program, the classes, the Instructors..I had such a wounderful time that 3 of my friends signed into the program after i graduated…After i finished as LMT worked in a chiropractic office for few months and 8 months ago opened my own Day Spa…Carrington college help me to develop the self confidence and knowledge to be a succefull LMT not only in my proffessional career but as a individual person and as a Mother to keep motivatin my childrens to reach their goals in life..