Art Student to Vet Tech

/ Student / Veterinary Technology

Posted on September 19, 2013

I was originally enrolled at a junior college, and wanted to get in to interior design. I was sort of pushed in the field, as I was really good at it, and liked it. After transferring to an online school to get my BA (and then dropping out) and then getting in to another well known school to get my BFA, I just wasn’t happy. I would do the minimum to pass. Interior Design wasn’t making me happy. After having a talk with my fiance, I decided to go to school to become a vet tech. I searched through dozens of schools. If I wanted to do online versus campus based. And I decided on Carrington College San Leandro. I went in on Friday, August 30th. After filling out some basic information, I was informed I’d have to take a test. It was rough. I was going in thinking that I would only tour the campus, see if I liked it. Turns out it was the real deal. I went back Tuesday, September 3 for my first day. Talk about no pressure. I’m only in my third week, but I know this is the right path for me. I wasn’t happy with school before, because I wasn’t doing anything to make me happy. Now that I’m loving every second of what I’m doing, the work seems easy. I know I have a long road ahead of me, but I’m ready. I have a great support system behind me.