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Posted on April 20, 2013

Realize my strengths, weaknesses Understand myself Discover myself Uncover myself By returning to school I remembered where I wanted to be in my life. I want to be in a place where I can be a part of the medical setting that doesn’t have any interactions with the patients but still has a part in the life of the patients. I love working in the background as opposed to in the front lines of the medical field. That doesn’t say that I don’t care for the health and safety of patients and their families because I truly do! I just prefer to not be seen as I care about them 🙂 Yes I am that shy. That is one of the things I discovered about myself as I had to do presentations for grades in front of the class. It was nerve racking but much fun to later laugh at my own mistakes during break times with my classmates. From working in a casino where it’s always busy, entertaining, loud, and exciting to go from that to being laid off and staying home, applying for housekeeping jobs (I was looking for something that would keep me physically busy in a quiet setting) and being turned down for over a year and knowing that I have something to offer I had to do something different and school had been on my mind for some time. Well two of my nieces were attending Carrington and had told me wonderful things about it and so I looked into it. I met Nick, took the tour, met Ms. Sleeper, and as she told me of all the opportunities that could be offered to a Medical Biller or Coder I had made my decision. I wanted to enroll into the MBC program! I have had an extremely busier life since starting school but it has been even more fulfilling. I love school and I definitely loves me back! Not seeing the girls in class everyday will be sad in 5 weeks when we graduate together (God willing).