A New Beginning

/ Student / Registered Nursing

Posted on January 31, 2012

I spend the first twenty years of my working career in marketing and analysis. I worked for some pristine companies in the San Diego and the Seattle areas, but the work was not personally fulfilling. I always had an interest in medicine and researched nursing schools in the Boise area. At the time, the school was named Apollo and it had a solid reputation around the valley. I graduated in August 2010 with my LPN. I was hired and was offered good money, even before I took the boards. The program enriched my life. I was able to make a positive impact on patients and the work was personally very rewarding. The college, now called Carrington, has many gifted, talented, and caring educators. I trust in their abilities and seek their guidance almost daily. I was so impressed with the education that I returned to Carrington and graduate in April with an RN degree. Carrington has prepared me for the responsibility that comes with the degree and I have a very rewarding career awaiting me.