A New Beginning

/ Student / Veterinary Technology

Posted on December 10, 2013

Hello, I am a Veteran and a stay at home mother. I have had a deep passion for animals ever since I could remember. I never had a good start at life or schooling so College was out of the question for me (or so I thought) and due to being a mother, it has kept me from my calling that I have prolonged for some time now. I can’t put into words how grateful I am to have run across this Vet Tech program and all it has to offer! I want to let Carrington know that the Stockton campus has an awesome staff that really cares about their students. I love the way they work around your schedule and actually make it happen for you and your goals in life. They have everything right at your finger tips that it is IMPOSSIBLE to fail. I cannot thank this college enough for what I am about to accomplish. It is almost a dream come true that I thought would never happen in my lifetime. Thank you so much!