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/ Student / Dental Assisting

Posted on March 31, 2014

I’m a student here at Carrington College. I’m in the Dental Assisting program this is one of the best programs here at Carrington. When i first walked in to Carrington College i was alittle nerves but everybody here was very nice and that made me feel like i made a right chose. I’ve started my classes and i love it . Mrs. Thomas is the best teacher anyone could ask for she takes the time out to teach you, and listen to you when you have a question or need help. She not only has faith in me but she has faith in everyone of her students that walk through her class room door and thats what being a good teacher is all about. She always has a smile on her face and has a good attitude and is always prepaired to teach us the things we need to know succeed. Thank You Carrington and Mrs. Thomas for showing me that motivation is the key to my success and that i need to keep pushing for what i want. I am very greatful for Carrington College and i would recommend Carrington to anybody who is wanting to become a Dental Assistant . This is the Place to be.