Recent Career Fair in Las Vegas Highlights Opportunities

Dozens of people were lined up outside a recent career fair in Las Vegas, even before the doors opened. They were all hoping to land a position or discover their next career.

But the problem isn’t necessarily a lack of jobs, as Robert Moreno from, the event organizer, explained –  “The last I checked there were over 20,000 open jobs in Las Vegas. The message we hear from recruiters is that there are plenty of jobs, they just having a hard time finding the right people.” 

So what’s the disconnect between potential employers and employees?

Catherine Chege - Director of Enrollment, Las Vegas CampusCatherine Chege, Director of Enrollment at our Las Vegas campus attended the event, and was interviewed on the local NBC channel, News 3; – “Landing a job is not just a game of chance; it’s about preparation, and seeking out the skills and training needed to succeed.

I’ve talked to a lot of people today from different industries who are considering the medical field and it’s alien to them. How do they make that transition? We’re here to help.”

The reasons for the employer/employee disconnect are many. For some it could be a lack of appropriate education, or companies running stricter background checks, or maybe some employers are hiring for positions that just have a lot of natural turnaround.

CC Attending a Las Vegas Career FairBut another problem is that too many people go to career fairs under prepared and under dressed. If you’re going to attend a career fair, do some homework before you go and always look smart and tidy; dress as if you were going for an interview – because you are.

Do some research to identify what recruiters are attending, and then identify what positions they’re hiring for. Also do some basic research on the company culture; anything you learn in advance can give you an advantage over your competition.

Las Vegas 3Career Services teams at all Carrington campuses are available to help our students prepare to enter the job market. This includes helping and advising on resume preparation, interview techniques, and identifying and preparing for job fairs.

The Carrington College Las Vegas, NV, campus offers programs such as Medical Assisting, Medical Billing and Coding, Physical Therapist Assistant and Respiratory Care.

These programs offer the hands-on training that can prepare you to enter one of today’s fast growing careers.