Carrington College Bilingual Students Volunteer at Annual Blood Drive

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Medical assisting students from Carrington College Sacramento campus volunteer at the annual Día de Donar Sangre.

BloodSource and Univision 19 in Sacramento hosted an annual blood drive for the local Hispanic community, generating interest, excitement and much-needed blood donors and marrow registrants. The annual event, aptly named Día de Donar Sangre and took place on Friday, June 6, resulted in 1,783 registered donors, 1,452 attendees donating blood and 115 new bone marrow registrants.

Bilingual Spanish-speaking volunteers were needed to help with the blood drive and 15 medical assisting students, led by Melissa Lemus, of Carrington College Sacramento’s campus happily stepped up to support the cause.

Hispanic donors have a higher incidence of type O blood, which is the most requested blood type product from hospitals supporting patients who need blood. This annual event not only provides blood for the local hospitals and blood banks, but also serves as an opportunity to educate the Hispanic community about the importance of blood donation and joining the marrow registry, especially if the donors and potential donors have type O blood.

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More than 1,400 attendees donated blood during Sacramento’s Día de Donar Sangre.

Throughout the day, Carrington College students and other volunteers were available to register donors, draw blood and answer any questions attendees of the event had.  Día de Donar Sangre had a festive feel as Univision 19 held live broadcasts and played lively music throughout. All blood donors received a California State Fair admission ticket, an event T-shirt and MyBloodSource Rewards for their gracious contribution.