Carrington College Mission Statement

Complete dedication to education

The mission of Carrington College is to provide learning opportunities to individuals in the communities it serves
through postsecondary programs of study, which include general studies and professional preparation in career-focused

The college achieves its mission by:

  • Offering associate degree and certificate programs in health care, wellness, legal, business and technical
  • Providing a supportive, student-centered learning environment, which enables students to meet their educational
    and career goals and achieve positive learning outcomes
  • Using a skills-based and outcomes-based approach to education
  • Providing excellent educational programs and services to students on-site and online that meet student, employer
    and community needs

The Carrington College philosophy is based on outcome-based learning. The College’s focus on retention, career services, and job performance results in graduates who are highly qualified and motivated employees. The communities served by the College benefit from this focus on outcome-based learning and the College’s ability to adapt to society’s changing needs.

Our faculty, administrators, and staff are committed to students developing specific vocational knowledge and skills, as well as mastering learning outcomes throughout their experience at Carrington College. The College models its programs and curricula objectives to align with the College’s institutional learning outcomes encompassing critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and professionalism

In degree programs, a broad base of general education course offerings provide students with communication, critical thinking, mathematical and computer skills; as well as perspectives from the sciences, humanities and social sciences.

Carrington College encourages students to work to achieve their highest potential while attaining their career goals. The College strives for excellence and quality in everything it does and instills in its students the same aspirations.