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You’re Never Too Old!

September 30, 2013

Time For Something NewIf you’re browsing this website because you’re contemplating going back to school, more specifically to Carrington, just remember that you’re never too old to reinvent yourself and explore a new career.

Perhaps you’re a stay-at-home mom looking to go back to work now that the kids are grown, or maybe you’re looking for a new challenge after many years with the same company. Or perhaps you’re an unfortunate casualty of the recent economic downturn, forced into re-thinking your career path.

No matter what your age, your circumstances or your motivation, it’s never too late to make a fresh start.

If you’ve not yet chosen a program or career direction, first you have to decide what it is that you want to do. This is the time to really figure out what’s next for you. It’s time to follow your passion. If you’ve not yet decided on your new career path, but know that you want a future in health care, speak with an Enrollment Services Representative at Carrington.

It can be hard to know what direction is right for you at any life stage, but it can be even harder after a career break. The best way to identify the right choice for you is to sit down with a Representative who can help you match your interests and experience with a program. They can also talk about the different types of opportunities that may be available to you once you earn your Certificate or Associate degree.

 It’s important to remember that you are not alone in this decision making process. Some of you will have a network of friends and family to support you in this period of great, positive change in your life. Others may not. Either way, you will have a support network at Carrington, starting with your Enrollment Services Representative and the campus Student Finance team.

The next step is to decide on timing. Once you’ve made your program decision, you’ll be excited to get there just as quickly as you can. The accelerated nature of our programs can help you make that happen. Many of the Certificate of Achievement programs we offer can be completed in less than a year – which means you can start making those dreams of a new career come true pretty quickly.

This is when your Carrington support network really starts to expand; once you start your program you’ll have faculty members, classmates and even student mentors to help you find your way as you start to build new skills. And the process of building those skills is not something to be afraid of.

Having spoken to many students for our Carrington Connection Student Spotlight features, including quite a few who went back to school later in life, a common concern is that they weren’t sure they still had the capacity to learn new skills. Some felt they may have forgotten ‘how to learn’.

Speak to any of them now and you’ll discover that fear was unfounded. The accelerated nature of our programs means that even students with more recent high school or college experience who think they know ‘how to learn’ have to adjust the way they study, so being a few years detached from your last educational experience means little.

Personal reinvention can be daunting no matter what your age, but it can also be incredibly exciting. You’re opening a new chapter in your book of life, but just remember that it’s a chapter that you’re never too old to start.