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You’re Leaving High School…So What’s Next?

April 16, 2013

High School GraduationOver the next four to six weeks, a projected 3.37 million students* will be graduating high school and moving on to the next exciting stage of their young lives. Many already know ‘what’s next’ because they have known from an early age what they want to be ‘when they grow up’, and they already have a plan in place of how to get there.

But many students have no idea of what their plans are…and that’s okay too. Some may be considering joining a branch of the military, others will perhaps join a family business (no doubt at the bottom of the ladder!), and others will try to find a job with their high school diploma, while many more will be hoping to continue their education.

If you’re still to make a decision about ‘what you want to be when you grow up’, and that’s what’s brought you to this Carrington College blog, it’s time to sit down and ask yourself a few questions:

  • What do I love doing?
  • What subjects were easiest for me?
  • What are my hobbies?

If you can match your career plans to areas that matter, or are of interest to you, you are more likely to achieve success. If you love animals, why not consider studying in a Veterinary Assisting or Veterinary Technology program?  If you’ve always had a desire to help people, think about enrolling in a Medical Assisting program. If you love soccer, investigate what it takes to become a coach.

Passion is what drives us as humans; we all have something that we’re passionate about, or something that interests us more than others. Once you’ve identified your passion, the next step is to find a way to make a living out of it. It may not always seem possible, it might seem far-fetched, but if you have the drive and determination, you can achieve anything.

A lucky few of us know what we want to do with our lives from a very young age, and have the drive to follow that dream. My two nephews always had a fascination with airplanes; as young boys they knew they wanted to be pilots. My sister, raising them as a single mom in New Zealand, had no idea how they would pay for the necessary education, but she encouraged their dream nonetheless. Today, 20 years on, both of these young men have worked incredibly hard, followed their dream, and are now pilots living, working and flying in Australia. And we, as a family, are incredibly proud of them.

The point of sharing this personal story with you is this five-step plan:

  1. Find your passion.
  2. Investigate what career options that passion can offer you.
  3. Do whatever you have to follow that dream – further education, apprenticeship, volunteering…
  4. Work incredibly hard, and accept some short-term sacrifices.
  5. Live the dream.

Life is full of difficult choices; they start coming quickly once you leave the relatively sheltered existence of high school, because up until now your parents or other responsible adults probably made those decisions for you. Now it’s your turn. Look to others for advice, and you can even speak with us at 1.877.206.2106 for career guidance, but ultimately the decision is yours.


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