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You’re Not ‘Just a Student’ Anymore?

September 7, 2013

Healthcare-Professional-NowAre you going on clinical rounds or leaving for your externship soon? If you can’t wait to show off the skills you’ve learned in your program, be it Medical Assisting, Veterinary Technology or any of our other Carrington College California programs, then attending a clinical or an externship is an exciting time. Why? Because you’ve reached another milestone on your career path!

It’s exciting but nerve-racking! If you’re anxious about remembering the facts you’ve learned in the classroom  or performing tasks exactly how you were taught, don’t worry…you’re not alone. Many students will be in the same boat, whether they admit it or not! Stay calm, stay focused and put those nerves to good use and you’ll do fine.

But being successful in health care is not just about the facts in your head or the way you perform set tasks. Your success or failure also depends on how you present yourself, and how you conduct yourself.  The most knowledgeable health care professional in the world will have trouble inspiring patients or filling co-workers with confidence, if he/she seems rude, sarcastic, sloppy, or haphazard.

The health care industry demands professionalism. While you’re enhancing your new skills out in the real world with real patients with real issues, it’s important to put as much emphasis on your appearance, attitude and conduct as you do on your technical skills.

Think back to doctors, dentists, nurses and other health care providers you’ve come in contact with.  How would you feel if they stood in the hall gossiping while you waited in the exam room? How would you feel if they seemed like they were rushing, irritated, or impatient?

Always remember to put the ‘care’ in ‘health care’. Provide the level of care that you would expect and hope for as a patient. The health care industry demands a high standard of professional conduct from its work force, and that’s what we always try to instill in our students at Carrington.

Your patients need to feel that they can trust you to take care of them – always remember that. As a health care professional, every aspect of your conduct is under the microscope. During your clinical rotation or externship, you’ll probably see and deal with patients face to face, whether you’re providing direct care or taking their insurance information. They may even tell you things not even their family will know, so they need to trust you.

Patients will size up your character; they’ll decide whether you seem to care about them very early on in the patient/provider relationship. And if they don’t feel comfortable, most of them won’t be shy in telling someone, maybe your boss, about their feelings. So always be on your best behavior, and display your best possible attitude.

Similarly, your co-workers need to be reassured that you’re capable of carrying out your responsibilities; they need to develop a level of trust in you. They will consider your conduct and behavior when determining your skills, so do your best to match or improve on the conduct of the experienced health care professionals around you.

While you’re away on clinical rounds or externship out in the real world, always remember that you’re not “just a student” any more.