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What Will I Learn: Medical Radiography

April 12, 2017

There’s a lot more that goes into taking an x-ray than you might think! Carrington College Medical Radiography [1] students explain what they’re learning in the program.

“Students learn everything from knowing the anatomy, how to position the anatomy, what type of pathology to look for and positioning for certain types of pathology. Probably the main thing is how do you interact with the patient,” said Medical Radiography Instructor Terry.

“In the lab what we do is very hands-on, so you’re taking a student, you’re positioning them based off what you’re x-raying. So if we’re doing a chest x-ray, you run through the general positions,” said student Kim.

Students in the Medical Radiography program learn how to position patients for all types of x-rays.

“Chest x-ray, abdomen, spine, cervical spine, thoracic spine, lumbar spine, legs, everything. We do it all,” said student Guy.

“The instructors made everything seem not as scary, very easy to use. They helped a lot and when you get used to it, it’s second nature,” said student Alyssa.

Another important part of the program for the students is their clinical rotation.

“Clinicals is just like practice in a hospital with a real patient, a real person, not just in a class,” said student Milica.

So what are you waiting for? To learn more about the Medical Radiography program at Carrington College, click here.

[1] Important information about the educational debt, earnings and completion rate of students who attended this program can be found at