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What to Expect as a Pharmacy Technician

April 24, 2015

A few things you can expect each day as a pharmacy technician.As is the case with most career paths, becoming a certified pharmacy technician means that you’ll have a wide range of responsibilities in your professional life.

Still, when you’re studying to earn your certification, it’s easy to get so caught up in your studies that you don’t think about what you’ll actually be encountering on a daily basis in your career. Regardless of where you are in your academic pursuits, it will be helpful to gain a firm understanding of exactly what a day in the life will look like.

With that in mind, take a look at a few things you can expect on a daily basis as a pharmacy technician:

Prepare Medication

According to Career Cornerstone, one of the most common elements of the pharmacy technician job is preparing prescribed medicine for your patients.1 This is an activity that you will likely encounter every day, particularly during your first few years on the job. Preparing medication may include counting and sorting pills, verifying prescriptions and bottling or labeling medication which the patient will then pick up.

Storage and Security Conditions

As a pharmacy technician, you will be involved in nearly all aspects of delivering medication to your patients. As Career Step has indicated, this will include ensuring that medication is properly stored and secure while it is still at the pharmacy.2 Considering that many of the chemicals you work with could be harmful in the wrong hands, this will usually involve regular debriefings on security procedures when it comes to storing pills.

Fielding Customer Questions

One of the most important roles a pharmacy technician plays is that of a liaison to the patients being served. It will not be uncommon for patients to come to you with questions regarding dosages, medication schedules and the like, and you will need to be prepared to do the necessary research to answer them on a daily basis.

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