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Weather’s Warming Up – It’s Time To Get Active!

May 28, 2013

Running OutsideMemorial Day has come and gone…and that means the unofficial start of summer is here! Depending on which Carrington College California campus you go to, the weather should be warming up nicely by now! That means it’s time to end your winter hibernation and get outside!

To paraphrase Newton’s First Law of Motion ‘A body in motion stays in motion, a body at rest stays at rest…’ The law basically means that it’s the time of year for us all to get up, switch off the TV or computer, and get outside to get our bodies moving!

Ask a student in our Physical Therapist Assistant or Massage Therapy programs and they’ll tell you how important it is to keep your muscles on the move! You might feel exhausted, in fact many college students simply accept exhaustion as a way of life, but exercise can give you more energy!

Exercise stimulates blood flow – and increased blood flow moves more oxygen around your body and that includes your brain. Studies have shown that regular physical exercise appears to protect the brain from shrinking, an otherwise natural process in old age that is associated with memory and thinking problems. You don’t want a shrinking brain do you? Try to fit in some exercise!

  • So what exercise should you do? Well in general, any exercise good for your heart is great for your brain. Aerobic exercise improves brain function and is a ‘first aid kit’ for damaged brain cells.
  • When should you exercise? If you can find the time, try to get your work-out in before going to work or school in the morning.  It will prepare you for the mental stresses of the day and help you better retain new information.
  • Should I try something mental & physical? Absolutely yes, that is the best combination for maximizing your brain function. Physical activities that involve coordination as well as cardiovascular exercise are the best for mind and body. That’s why people who take dance classes always feel great after!
  • What can I do at the gym? Pounding away on a treadmill or a stationary bike is good cardiovascular exercise, but it’s not helping your brain. Try circuit work outs, they spike your heart rate and refocus your mind as you adapt to the new exercises every few minutes.
  • I’m tired but have to keep studying – What can I do at home to get my brain going? If you don’t have time to get out, maybe you’ve hit a wall or are mentally exhausted, try doing a few jumping jacks – it might reboot your brain!

Combining a healthy diet, exercise, and a good amount of sleep (8 hours each night if you can), are all important factors in student success. We know that it’s not always possible, but this summer try to get out and get your body moving!


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