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Ways to Handle Stress

February 16, 2012

Ways to Handle StressThere can be many new stresses with the New Year in full swing, which means there needs to be ways to relieve them. Studying for that huge exam you’ve got coming up can be a huge worry in your daily life. Here are some ways to help take the stress off your back and help you think more clearly:

Identify what’s stressing you out

You may think you’re stressed out because of a paper that’s due in a week, but the real stress could be that you waited until the last minute to start it. Look closely at your habits and accept responsibility for the role that you play with the stress in your life.

Keep a stress journal

Write down what caused the stress, how you felt at the time, your reaction and what you did to make yourself feel better. This can help you keep track of what’s exactly causing stresses in your life and help you come up with ways to avoid it.

How do you handle stress?

If you notice that you handle stress in a negative way, then it’s time to start managing it in a healthier way. Change the situation or your reaction when you feel yourself getting stressed out. For example, instead of reaching for a cigarette, go for a quick 10-minute walk around the block. Find different techniques that are healthy and work for you.

Avoid pointless stress

It’s not healthy to avoid an issue that needs to be addressed, but it’s important not to stress yourself out over unnecessary things. Know your limits and learn how to say “no” when you can’t handle extra responsibilities, avoid people who stress you out, don’t surround yourself in a stressful situation, avoid topics that make you angry and prioritize your task list.

Change the situation

Figure out what you can do to alter things so they don’t happen again. This can mean changing the way you communicate or operate in your daily life. Express your emotions, instead of bottling them up and be willing to compromise. Take your issues head on and manage your time more efficiently.

Adapt to stressful situations

If you can’t change it, then adapt to it. Change yourself by reframing the dilemmas, looking at the bigger picture, altering your standards and focusing on the positive.

Recognize the things you can’t change

Some stresses you can’t avoid or change, like the death of a loved one, so it’s best to just accept things the way they are. Not everything is in your control, and the more you recognize that, the better off you’ll be. Find the positive in the situation, express your feelings, and most importantly, learn to forgive.

Remember to set some time aside for yourself every week to have some fun and relax. Take care of yourself by living a healthy lifestyle and doing things that make you happy. You only live once, so you may as well make the most of it.