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Vet Assisting – Rewarding, Challenging…and more

September 30, 2011

Veterinary Technician ProgramIf you’re an animal lover, you may have always dreamed of working with them in a veterinary healthcare environment.  And it is without doubt a very satisfying, heartwarming career choice, but it’s not all playing with puppies and kittens! Although we have to say that is a wonderful part of the job!

Veterinary Assistants who are already out there doing the job can tell you that while it is rewarding, it is also a very challenging career choice.  It’s a very
hands-on, physical job; and as an animal lover, it can also be very tough on your emotions. Why?  Well mainly because in the real world life does not always have a happy ending.

We’re not trying to put you off our Veterinary Assisting program, far from it, it is a wonderfully rewarding career, but we do want you to go into the career with your eyes wide open.  We wouldn’t be doing our job otherwise!

So what does a Veterinary Assistant do?

Most practices rely heavily on their Veterinary Assistants; duties range from cleaning out kennels, to grooming pets, to obtaining samples, to preparing
patients for surgery, to assisting Vets in procedures.  They also have office duties like answering the phone, welcoming clients, and undertake computer based tasks like estimates, charges and inputting patient data.

While there is no license requirement to work as a Veterinary Assistant, many employers look more favorably on a Veterinary Assisting qualification, such as the Veterinary Assisting certificate program available at Carrington College. Our program offers students the combination of practical training and invaluable experience that is necessary to help them succeed in a Vet Assisting career. During the program, that typically takes about 8 months to complete, students can learn the skills needed to apply for entry level positions in veterinary offices, animal hospitals, shelters, research institutions, zoos, or related industries.

Our graduates leave us having been taught the clinical, laboratory, and administrative duties of a Veterinary Assistant; one of the most valuable parts of your education is an externship in a real world veterinary healthcare setting where they can hone their skills and build their confidence.

The Carrington College Veterinary Assisting program is available at our Mesa, AZPhoenix, AZ, Tucson, AZ and Portland, OR campus locations; it culminates in a Certificate of Achievement in Veterinary Assisting.

Like the idea of becoming a Veterinary Assistant?  Well why not find out more by talking to a Carrington College Admissions Representative at 1.888.204.4718? Alternatively complete the form you’ll find online at and a Representative will call you back.

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