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Underutilized college resources to take advantage of

February 7, 2013

College Student with TextbooksCollege students always have a lot on their plates, but discovering and taking advantage of valuable college resources can go a long way toward optimizing your college experience. USA Today recently outlined numerous college resources that are underutilized but great to take advantage of.

“Whether it is because they don’t know they exist, or they’re too afraid to take advantage, many students are missing out on some serious assistance,” author Miranda Forman wrote in USA Today. “But not you. Nope, you’re going to get out there, grab the bull by the horns and milk that college resource cow for all that he’s got.”

Campus living resources

One great and underutilized college resource is your resident assistant, who are also sometimes known as resident adviser, resident mentor, community adviser or peer counselor. Whatever you call them, these people can be great resources when it comes to resolving roommate issues, picking classes, becoming familiarized with campus and even hosting fun events.

Your resident adviser will also typically be a student who is familiar with your campus and could be a great person to ask about hidden gems. He or she can point you to student recreation facilities, libraries and even great study spots. Speaking of which…

Study spots

The article in USA Today pointed out the value of a good study spot. College courses will typically be a new experience for you. Even if you loaded up your senior year with a full schedule of Advanced Placement courses, there’s still going to be a bit of transition time. Finding yourself a good study spot early on can be a blessing when it comes to those difficult final exams.

“Maybe everyone studies on the first floor of the main library, but that means you know lots of people there, and getting distracted is much easier than focusing,” wrote Forman. “Look for other, less-frequented spots.”

Great spots for prime studying sessions can include off-campus coffee shops, the law or sciences library and buildings that are open late and allow access to empty classrooms.

Don’t overlook your professor!

Many students develop the opinion that going to see a professor during office hours is only helpful when one is struggling in the course. Your professors are there to help you learn, and stopping in for even a quick visit can often result in higher exam grades and scores on your papers. Attending your professor’s office hours can be another excellent way to make an important contact who might be able to provide you with a letter of recommendation down the road.