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Uncommon places you can work as a medical assistant

March 9, 2015

OneYou can work in a range of locations as a medical assistant. of the foremost benefits of becoming a certified medical assistant is that it will enable you to work in a number of different professional settings throughout your career. While you may enter your studies with a specific vision of your dream job, it’s extremely important to keep an open mind regarding which venue you will work in.

Each locale offers a varied potential experience to be gained as well as the opportunity to network professionally with unique groups of medical professionals. Whether you have your heart set on one sort of medical assisting work or are open to multiple possibilities, take a look at some of the least common places medical assistants work:

Retirement communities

Retirement communities have a stark need for medical assistants. Considering the age of their clientele, it is important for them to have individuals on staff who are capable of dealing with everything from day-to-day care to a range of emergency medical situations.

According to Ameritech, retirement communities typically hire more medical assistants than doctors because patrons of these institutions tend to already have established relationships with a primary care provider.2 If you’re expecting to be on the job market for a medical assistant position anytime soon, retirement communities may be a good starting point.

Ambulatory care

Ambulatory care is one of the more interesting  ways to work as a medical assistant. Effectively, this sort of care entails dealing with individuals on an outpatient basis before and after they have received care from their primary physician or specialist. As Sokanu has reported, this sort of work requires the ability to think and act both quickly and calmly under pressure.2

In this role, you will often be one of the first points of contact that a patient has in their treatment after an incident or procedure, so this sort of work exposes you to an incredibly broad range of learning experiences.


For medical assisting students with a penchant for scientific work, a job in a laboratory may be a perfect fit. This sort of work will hone in on your training in processing medical samples, and can be particularly well suited to those who have a strong grasp of how to process quantitative data. Laboratories that hire medical assistants can be at hospitals, medical research companies, private practices or federal agencies, among other locations.

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