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Twitter feeds that every nurse should follow

September 10, 2013

Nurses can get great information from these Twitter feeds.If you’re going to have a nursing career, that means that you’ll need to have a willingness to continue learning. Between on-the-job training, innovations in technology and skills that you need to hone after completing a registered nursing program, there’s always something new to learn.1 The Internet provides a bounty of practical information if you know where to look, and where better to start than a place where you undoubtedly already spend a good chunk of your time? That’s right, Twitter has more than gossip:


The Twitter handle for the American Academy of Nursing, @AAN_Nursing contains everything from information about new health care policies to conferences coming up and news relevant to nursing. The American Academy of Nursing also occasionally profiles nurses – you could be next!2


The American Journal of Nursing is not only a helpful resource during school, but can be a valuable source of information throughout your nursing career. The journal is peer-reviewed and evidence-based, and its Twitter feed contains links to new articles and research featured in the journal, as well as news that pertains to the health care industry. It’s a great place to find quick links to information related to nursing.3


The Institute of Medicine is charged with helping the nation improve its health, and it has been nationally recognized for the quality of health care information that it provides. Follow @theIOM to receive information about workshops, job opportunities and webinars, and to see webcasts of nursing conferences.4

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