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The best mobile apps for college students

March 26, 2013

AppsAs smartphones and tablets become more pervasive, college students are increasingly turning to technology to help them in their studies. While procrastination-aides like Angry Birds and Facebook may make an appearance on most students’ phones, downloading these helpful apps can actually increase your productivity:

​1. Evernote

This free cloud-based note taking app allows you to easily categorize your class notes into study materials. You can use it to take pictures, write notes and record audio. Evernote syncs across all your devices, so there’s no need to email notes to yourself after class.

​2. StudyBlue

If you need help memorizing, these digital flashcards are the perfect study-aid. StudyBlue also allows you to set schedule reminders for yourself so you’ll stay on task and will give you test score feedback so you can spend your time focusing on material you still need to master.

​3. iStudiez Pro

This handy app is the perfect tool for staying organized. Use iStudiez Pro to keep your class schedule, assignments and grades all in one place. The app also has a built-in sync function, and can be programmed to remind you when exams are coming up or assignments are due.

​4. Trello

Use Trello for easy communication to keep your group organized during your next project. Students can use the app to assign responsibilities, create deadlines and collaborate in real time. Trello will even send a notification to all group members when a change has been made so no one is left out of the loop.

​5. Chegg

Instead of buying expensive textbooks, try renting from Chegg. This mobile app will allow you to compare rental and purchase prices, and you can search for book titles by name, author or barcode. At the end of the semester, head to the nearest UPS store and return your book for free.