The bad news is that the average cost of a college education has increased in the United States in recent years. The good news is that scholarships are widely available to aspiring students of every background, interest and skill level. Just take a look at the graph at the bottom of the infographic below to see how the number of scholarships has increased between 1995 and 2008. And what’s even more surprising – scholarship contests have expanded to include even awards based on your love for Dr. Pepper!

While it may seem like a hassle to apply for scholarships without any guarantee of getting one, it’s an even bigger hassle to spend your post-college years paying off the gobs of debt you’ve incurred. If college is a must on your radar, so should scholarships be. Try not to get overwhelmed by the amount of scholarships out there. Just carve out time regularly, say once a week, to sit down, make a list of interesting scholarships you find and then plan time to apply for them. Chances are good that you will land at least one, and hey, it’s good practice for all the job hunting you’ll be doing after you graduate!

Unusual Scholarships

Via Carrington College

5 thoughts on “Scholarships – The Unusual, The Impressive and The Plentiful

  1. Fardosa

    how can i apply for the scholarships that you guys have ?

  2. selina astorga

    what do i need to know. to get a scholarship?

    • Robin Blunck

      Hi Selina –

      We hold scholarship workshops at some of our campuses to go over best practices and tips! Call us at 877-206-2106 to see if there is a campus near you that has a workshop coming up or to meet with our student finance advisors who can help you out as well.

      To get you started before you see us on campus, here are 10 top tips for scholarships: Top 10 Scholarship Tips

  3. elvis

    hi, how can i get a scholarship to study international relations and other related fields of study in either Belgium or Germany?

    • Hi Elvis. Unfortunately we do not offer an international relations program or something similar at Carrington College. We are also unable to accept international students at this time. We hope you are able to find a college that fulfills your needs and helps you advance to a great career.

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