Discounts Your Student ID Can Get YouCollege can be a very exciting time in your life, but your poorest time too. While it can be stressful on your finances, there are ways you can get discounts with your student ID. Here’s what we found that can help you save and afford to eat something besides Ramen Noodles for dinner.

  • Academic Superstore: this site provides student discounts on electronics and other necessary things for college.
  • Amazon Student: Amazon student members get exclusive discounts on a variety of products and categories, six months of free two-day shipping with Amazon Prime, and email alerts for discounts and promotions.
  • AMC Theatres: discounted tickets every Thursday.
  • Amtrak: Buy one full-fare ticket for high school juniors and seniors who want to visit a campus.
  • Ann Taylor LOFT: 15% off in-store.
  • Ann Taylor: 20% off in-store.
  • Apple: 8% off (online and in-store).
  • Banana Republic: 15% off in-store.
  • Blockbuster: various discounts for student. Present your card at your local store to find out.
  • Broadway in Chicago: Students get discounted tickets for as low as $14.50 for selected performances.
  • Burger King: 10% off in-store with a valid student ID.
  • Charlotte Russe 1: 10% off in-store with a valid student ID.
  • Club Monaco: 20% off regular-priced items
  • Dairy Queen: 10% off in-store with a valid student ID.
  • Dell University: Savings differ by college.
  • Dominos Pizza: Discounts based on location. Ask your local store representative before you order.
  • The GM College Discount: Gives discounts on Chevrolet, Buick and GMC vehicles.
  • Harkins Movie Theatre 2: Discount depends on location, times and dates.
  • HP Academy Store: offers exclusive student discounts on laptops and desktop computers. Sign up online.
  • J. Crew: 15% off selected items.
  • JourneyEd: Save up to 85% on computers, electronics, software and other necessities.
  • Kroger: 5% off at limited locations.
  • The Limited : 15% off in-store with a valid student ID.
  • McDonald’s: 10% off at select locations with a valid student ID.
  • Metropolitan Museum of Art: Discounts vary. Check the website for details.
  • Papa John’s: Student discounts vary by location.
  • Pizza Hut: Discount depends on location.
  • Qdoba: Discounts vary depending on the day.
  • Ralph Lauren Rugby: 15% off in-store.
  • Regal Theaters: $1.50 off Sunday-Thursday evenings.
  • Sam’s Club: Depending on location, students can be eligible to receive a Collegiate Annual Membership for $40 plus FREE $15 Sam’s Club gift card.
  • Subway: 10% off in-store.
  • Topshop: 10% off online.
  • Urban Outfitters: Save 10% on select dates only.
  • Waffle House: 10% off.

There are a lot more stores that offer discounts and you can even save when you travel. Remember to always ask while you’re out shopping because a lot of places don’t advertise that they give discounts with a student ID. Check with your local public transportation systems for discounts also.

Leave a comment and let us know some of the places you’ve gotten a discount by using your student ID.


53 thoughts on “Discounts Your Student ID Can Get You

  1. Kathrine

    This is Awesome!!!!

  2. Kimberly

    Qdoba in rockwall does their student discounts on Tues! yum CRazy good food!

  3. Charity MacPharlain

    The amazon stuff only works if you have an edu email, so Carrington students can’t use their student rates.

  4. HC Stewart

    So I just went down and got the new iPad, but it isn’t included for the discount. They say computers “only” and of coarse the iPad is not a computer. I also bought a cover for it but “that” wan’t included for a discount either.

  5. HC Stewart

    Even if a place isn’t on this list, I ask for a student discount anyway. At check-out I just toss my ID on the counter and say “can I get my discount”? Every once in a while it works and they say “OK”. So just try, it isn’t like anyone would get mad, they just say no, but, they might say OK too.

  6. Caitlin

    Regal Cinemas gives $1 off your movie ticket if you show them your student ID.

  7. lasj01

    Great list of bargains and discounts! Keep up the good work.

  8. gbohan

    earthfare has 15% student discount on either Tuesdays or Wednesdays

  9. Katie

    Actually Banana Republic is 10% off only full priced items.

  10. Jozz

    Some Goodwill stores give discounts too, it depends on location.

  11. kelsey

    J. Crew is 15% off anything and everything. Does not matter if it is on clearance or already is a percentage off, the student discount is ontop of all store reductions.

  12. Jane

    Earthfare discount where I live is on Wednesday.

  13. Tiffany

    Got my 10% off online! Never knew I could use my card for so much! Thanks!

  14. Keri

    I know not everyone cares, but other art students may find it useful… Joann’s Fabric and Crafts gives 10% off regular, sale, and even clearance. Some months they do more. July is 20% off.

  15. Lacey

    Dickinson Theaters offer a one dollar off discount for tickets with student ID.

  16. Amanda

    Does this work for High School student ID’s as well?

    • carrington

      Amanda, not 100% sure. I would imagine it would but you should check with the business before assuming it will.

  17. Lauren

    Topshop does student discounts in-store too!

  18. Abby

    None of the 5 subways I have worked at offer this discount

  19. Nora

    Steve Madden students get 10% discount

  20. Kayla

    I work at a subway and we don’t offer student discounts?

  21. Ayla

    The Bronze Planet in my town offers a discount if you show them your student id. I don’t know if this is for all of them though.

  22. Angie

    is this for all students or just devry??

    • carrington

      This is for any one with a Student ID. Check with the business to be sure.

  23. chris

    Is this for every school even private universities?

  24. Natasha

    In Merced, CA I get a student discount at Hometown Buffet. I don’t think I get discounts at either of our movie theaters though, and one of them is a Regal.

  25. piese auto[filtre]ulei

    I simply couldn’t depart your web site before suggesting that I really enjoyed the standard info a person provide on your visitors? Is gonna be back often to check out new posts

  26. Rosetta

    Goodwill also offers a 10%discount

  27. Jenny k

    EMS(Eastern Mountain Sports) gives students a 10% discount.

  28. Kirsten W

    Can people from Jr. Highs use their ID’s for discounts?

  29. Catie

    Regal Cinemas in WA actually does NOT give student discounts…The company is slowly getting rid of all kinds of discounts.

  30. Jeb

    Just went to McDonald’s today and sneaked about their student discount. They had never heard of a student discount discounts refused to honor it. Perhaps I need to be more assertive and ask for a manager next time.

  31. Jim T

    I also got the same as jeb when I went McDonalds they had never heard of it.

  32. Lacy

    One of the Wendy’s by my school offers a free medium fountain drink with any purchase to students. I’m not sure if this works at any other locations.

  33. Savannah

    Does this work with other student id’s? Like highschool student id’s. Or just for college ones?

  34. lauren

    Please don’t be more assertive and ask for a manager. I work at a cinemark theater in houston and we do not offer any student discounts. I am a student myself and if I could give anyone any extra discount I would. Asking for a manager would be a waste of everyones time I wouldn’t lie and I feel like no one else would either. I know some cinemark theaters do offer a $1 discount but it varies by location.

  35. Shannon

    IHOP also gives student discounts. 🙂

  36. currently zenni optical is giving Freebies and stuff for one purchase of glasses from their site.

  37. lacii

    Some Chickfilas also do a student discount. The one near my campus gives you a free drink with any meal purchase. Just ask!

  38. Savannah W

    OMG! Does this work with high school/junior high IDs??!!

  39. Free Business Cards

    What a great selection of places that offer discounts to students with cards/ ID. Thank you for this.

  40. Wendi

    I know Vanity also gives a discount. I’m pretty sure it’s 10%, if not more.

  41. Sarah

    Regal is only at select locations, I work at a regal in MA and we do not give any student discounts at any time.

  42. Albert

    Amazon Students and Subway is the best one. Another one is Ann Taylor. Thanks for the other great list.

  43. Hello,

    It look like retail stores offer discounts to students of your university and we would like to do the same. This would give us an opportunity to help students get information on our brand, and would let your students purchase our products for a discounted rate. Feel free to browse our site to learn a little bit more about us at

    What is the next step in getting our store on this list?

    Let me know,


  44. Victoria

    To all the kids asking about high school and Jr high id’s…when i was in high school and middle school I used my ID for discounts at the movies. I wouldn’t have been able to afford to go without it. I also remember using it at McDonald’s and I wanna say Taco Bell but I’m not 100% sure on that one. It doesn’t hurt to ask kids. Just ask. You’ll never know if you don’t ask.

    • admin

      You will need to check with each company but traditionally any student id would work

  45. Morgan

    is this any wear or in particular stores??

  46. Briana

    Can we get an .edu email??

  47. Sam

    does this actually work?

  48. Kelly

    I went into the Apple Store at the fashion show mall here in Las Vegas, Nevada to get my MacBook Air and I showed them my UNLV Card with my ID. They only discounted me $20 so I don’t know about the Apple discount .

  49. alex

    3 years ago

    I went into the Apple Store at the fashion show mall here in Las Vegas, Nevada to get my MacBook Air and I showed them my UNLV Card with my ID. They only discounted me $20 so I don’t know about the Apple discount .

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