Six Tips to Help You Remember What You StudyDo you ever feel like when you’ve left a lecture or just studied for the past few hours, that you’ve forgotten everything? There are ways to help you train your brain to remember more things. Here are a few tips to help your memorization improve:


One of the most important things is to exercise because it increases circulation, which can help you have a clear head.

Keep simple notes

Don’t overcrowd your notebook with clutter. Condense your notes as soon as you’re done taking them by using brief phrases that are easy to remember. Cite examples that will help to trigger your memory. Get rid of irrelevant and redundant information.

Use note cards and repeat

Repetition is one of the best ways to memorize something. Using note cards or making a simple list and then repeating it, will eventually “stick” in your brain. Review your notes and any other study materials at least ten times. Be sure to take small breaks in between.

Read out loud

If you read out loud while you write and study, you’re more likely to remember things a lot more.

Talk to your friends about what you’re learning

By telling your friends or family what you’re learning in class, helps you practice memorizing the material. This also shows that you’re soaking in the material and it’s becoming more natural to you than it is forced.

Use visual aids

Use charts and graphs or accentuate information by using a highlighter. Create abbreviations and use mnemonics.

There are other ways that you may find that can help you with memorization. Please leave a comment and let us know your secret on what helps your brain remember what you study.

One thought on “Six Tips to Help You Remember What You Study

  1. Julia Barron

    I have been at Carrington for a year now and it’s been difficult trying to find ways to study and retain what I’ve learned. Some of these tips are reminders and others are ones I need to use when studying. I have quit printing everything for each course and each week. I only print lectures and keep notes in a binders with colorful numbered tabs 1-6 for each week of the course. I refer to these when studying for tests. I quit exercising when I started school because I didn’t have the time. I guess I will have to find the time. Thanks for the helpful tips.

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