College students today do not look anything like college students of the past. For one thing, there are so many more of them. Particularly, in the United States, there are more women in college
than men – a historical first! Second of all, the habits and characteristics of college students now resemble nothing of their parents. While students in the 1970s and 1980s had to lug all their books to the library to study and take notes on paper, students today can simply log on to their school’s electronic library anywhere they have an Internet connection and record notes to their computer. College students today sling iPads and Kindles as commonly as textbooks, they Facebook as much as they study and they hardly have a day away from their smartphones. Advancing technology has shaped so many facets of society – the college world is no exception.



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One thought on “Evolution of a College Student – Infographic

  1. You switched to “total students” instead of “high school grads” for the final frame which lets the whole graphic down.

    The interesting hook is the overall trend of students enrolling.

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