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Student Spotlight – Meet Lalaya & Lateea Kimble

February 24, 2012

Lalaya And Lateea KimbleWelcome to the first sisters to be featured in our Student Spotlight!

Lalaya and Lateea Kimble are originally from San Jose, CA, their family moved to Stockton 11 years ago. They are both enrolled at our Stockton campus, Lalaya in the Medical Assisting program and Lateea in the Massage Therapy program.

Lateea discovered Carrington College California while researching Massage Therapy courses in Stockton, as Lalaya explains; “My sister was telling me about this great Massage Therapy course she had found, so I asked ‘do they have Medical Assisting’? She said ‘yep, they do’, so we came down together for the orientation, loved it, and here we are!”

Both girls have their family to thank for their choice of programs at Carrington College California; Lateea chose Massage Therapy as it was something she’d always been interested in;“My dad introduced me to it, massage was something that was always around in our family.” Her favorite class is Anatomy; “I’m interested in learning about the specifics of the body; I have a trigger point book, and I really enjoy exploring those aspects of massage.”

For Lalaya, it was watching her father care for her grandfather when she was little that inspired her to pursue a career in Medical Assisting; “My grandfather used to live with us, and my dad provided in-home care for him; I was too little to help out, but I wanted to so much! That’s just who I am, I want to help people, so Medical Assisting is perfect for me!”

Even though they are on different programs, both Lalaya and Lateea find their instructors very approachable, and enjoy the fact that they are always on hand to help. As Lateea explains; “My instructors are great; they’re funny and I like how they structure the classes and how they teach.”

They are looking forward to their externship experience in May; they both enjoy their classes, but as Lateea explains, it’s the practical aspect of their programs they like the best; “There’s a lot of hands-on work on the Massage Therapy course.” And for Lalaya, it’s what makes the MA program for her; “I really like the clinical, hands-on part of the Medical Assisting program – it’s really really fun!”

Thanks for volunteering to be in our spotlight ladies! We’re delighted to have you both here at Carrington College California! Good luck with your programs and your future careers!


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