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Student Spotlight Meet Jonathan Barela

September 6, 2011

JonathanBarelaJonathan is our spotlight student this month; he is 8 months into the Medical Assisting program at our Albuquerque campus; Jonathan hopes to earn his certificate in October after completing his clinical externship.

A friend recommended Carrington College to Jonathan; she had recently graduated from our Veterinary Assisting program and suggested that he check it out for himself, so that’s what he did!  “When I got here they were really nice, I felt at home. I wasn’t scared like the first day of school you know, because anything new is scary!  They made me feel like I’d been here for a year and a half – it was really awesome!”

Jonathan’s plan had always been to join the military, and he still might, but his dad encouraged him to go to college first, get his certification and then make that decision.  Jonathan chose the Medical Assisting certificate program because he loves to help people; and he knew that if he wanted to get a good job in healthcare, he would need to be certified.

Following his family’s encouragement, particularly his dad, Jonathan enrolled at Carrington College early in 2011. “When I first saw the class list I was terrified, because I’m not one for books. But to be honest once I started, all the classes have been great; even the hardest classes like Skeletal and Muscular Systems have been good.  The instructors really help you break it down piece by piece; they don’t just give you an assignment and say ‘start’.”

Jonathan’s advice for anyone thinking about taking classes at Carrington College is simple – “Work hard at it, don’t give up.” And that advice is coming from
someone who admits that he wanted to give up a few times.  “It wasn’t because school was hard; it was because I was lazy. But don’t slack off, you can do it.”   Jonathan realized that life is short and when you have the opportunity to do something productive with it, you have to take it; and he wanted to make his family proud. “I wanted to be part of the family, the generation that could say ‘I graduated from college…and a good college at that’.”

Thanks for volunteering to be in our Spotlight Jonathan, and good luck with the rest of the program and your subsequent career!