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Student Spotlight – Meet Denise Crosier

February 23, 2012

Denise CrosierDenise is a student on the Nursing Bridge degree program* at our Boise campus; Denise has been a licensed Practical Nurse for about 4 years, but she enrolled in Carrington College because she hopes to further her nursing career.

The Boise Nursing Bridge associate degree program appealed to Denise because she feels it can get her to where she wants to be quickly –

I think that this program provides a really good education; we cover a lot of ground and it’s fast moving. It’s hands on, and I feel like I’m getting my feet wet.

Denise was a stay-at-home mom until her ‘baby’ was in the second year of high school, so it was important for her to find a degree program that would not slow her down. The faculty at our Boise campus have played a big part in Denise’s success to date; they are passionate about their field and are happy to share their experience and insight with their students.

The instructors are amazing; sometimes I can be all over the place, but they keep me centered, focused and have given me some really good study tips.

The Boise Nursing Bridge degree program is certainly demanding; the faculty do expect a lot of their students. But the upside is that graduates of the program have gained the experience and practical training they need to significantly expand their scope of practice, education, and clinical training when compared to licensed Practical Nurses.

For Denise, the program is an opportunity to try to accelerate her nursing career and make up for some lost time.

It’s been good, it’s been a very good experience and I don’t feel like I’m too old to learn it. I know that I’m not getting any younger, so the Bridge program has been a Godsend for me, I’m really glad to be here.

We’re glad to have you here at Carrington Denise; good luck with the rest of the program and your nursing career, and thank you for volunteering to be in our spotlight!

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*Admission to, or graduation from this program does not guarantee obtaining a license or certificate to practice nursing.  Licensure and certification requirements are the exclusive responsibility of the State Board of Nursing.