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Student Spotlight – Meet Ann Olson

November 11, 2011
This month’s student spotlight – Ann Olson

Ann is our spotlight student this month; Ann is studying the Veterinary Technology associate degree program at our Sacramento¬†campus; she hopes to graduate in December 2012. “After high school I pursued an education in law enforcement for a while, but it wasn’t the right fit for me. I’ve always had a great affinity for animals, and I decided it was time to pursue a career that I’m passionate about.”

Ann is the first of her siblings to get a college education; but she hopes to emulate her mom’s educational achievements; “My mother received a Master’s degree and I’m hoping to follow in her footsteps; this degree program has certainly got me on the right path – I’ll earn my Associate of Science degree at Carrington.”

Ann was amazed how many people recommended that she check out our Veterinary Technology program; “When I explained the kind of program that I was looking for, everyone – actually other colleges – recommended Carrington College California to me! So I looked up them up, they welcomed me and made the whole process very easy.”

As Ann explains the enrollment process was both simpler and more thorough than she expected.“I had a great [Enrollment] Representative; she sat me down and explained all the requirements, everything that would be needed from me, and then she looked at my life to make sure I would be able to fit those requirements. She wanted to make sure that I had support around me, so that I would succeed.”

Recalling her first day on campus, Ann said that she was a little nervous, but mostly just excited to be around so many people that shared her passion.“The program is challenging in places, fun in places, but it’s also a little sad in places when you’re dealing with animals, but overall it’s very satisfying. There’s a lab class where we learn all sorts of hands-on techniques, how to administer vaccines, draw blood, and complete a physical examination. We have real animals that we practice with everyday. There are terminology classes too, so not only can you walk the walk, but you can talk the talk too! And the clinical rotation [externship] is fantastic!”

When we asked Ann what’s the single most important thing that she would tell someone considering Carrington College California, her reply was heartfelt;“The instructors really stand out; I’ve never seen so many people dedicated to helping others, they really want you to succeed. I’ve never felt so supported by a teacher before; it’s a whole new experience and it feels great! They give you every opportunity to live up to your full potential”.

Ann feels that she is well on her way to fulfilling her own potential. “I had no direction before, I had a total lack of fulfillment in my life, and now I really feel like I’m making something of myself and going somewhere – I feel great!”

After she earns her associate degree, Ann would love to get into the laboratory science field, working with lab animals to develop medicines and preventative health techniques.

Thanks for volunteering to be in our spotlight Ann, and good luck with the rest of the degree program!