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Stay Sharp During the Holiday

December 10, 2012

Study Revision Winter HolidaysThe Winter Holiday will soon be here and while most of us may be looking forward to some time off school, some of you may be worried about losing some of the knowledge you’ve learned in the preceding weeks and months.

At Carrington College California our online associate degree programs can be pretty demanding, and after an intensive period of study your brain may actually benefit from a short break. After all we’re not talking about six weeks off, it’s just a week or so. Don’t stress about it too much, because that won’t help you either.

But retaining learned information is vital to your success; our associate degree courses tend to build your knowledge on layers of previously absorbed information, so if you find yourself forgetting things you’ve already learned, you may find yourself in difficulty in subsequent classes next year.

The key thing is to enjoy the break and relax with family or friends…but just do enough mental exercise to keep your brain warm!  Here are a couple of ideas that may help:

  • Hon­ing your intel­lec­tual skills can bol­ster the mind in the same way that phys­i­cal exer­cise can pro­tect and strength­en the body.
  • Commit to setting aside some time to read and review your notes occasionally over the holiday; just an hour or so every few days. Once it’s in your schedule, stick to it! Skip it the first time and you’ll likely skip it all week!
  • Take that time to scan your notes, review an essay, or work back through the classes you were just working on. Maybe look over old papers and think how you’d improve them.
  • This will help you remember the things discussed in class, or the exercises you completed. It’s ok to be relaxed about it because you’re not studying for a test or exam, you’re just trying to keep your brain in working order!
  • Are there any hands-on exercises you could practice at home? If you’re studying Health Information Technology we don’t want you reviewing your grandma’s insurance forms at the dinner table, but if you’re studying Graphic Design, why not offer to create some party invitations, or thank you cards for your family to send?

Remember that a break is important to mind and body, so relax and enjoy the holidays. But do just enough mental exercise to keep your brain warm during the vacation; that way you’ll ensure you don’t get off to a cold start in January!


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