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My Starting Point – Mayra Ruiz Gallegos – Support Needed

May 27, 2014

Mayra&CierraHello #Carringtonflock – It’s me again! This time I wanted to write a blog about how important it is to find support wherever you can for what you’re doing at school. This blog post is particularly important to me for two reasons; first I want to share my reasons why you need a support system, but second it gives me the chance to say thank you to my own support system – you all know who you are! xx

Thank You!

I’m so fortunate to be getting a lot of positive support. My family and friends definitely support me 110%. Even writing this blog has helped me! I don’t see some of my friends and family as much as I used to; I just don’t have time. But I know that many of them read the blog to see what I’m up to! They tell me that they’re proud of me, that they miss me, but they know from reading these posts, that I’m busy at school ‘doing my thing’. It makes me feel good!

When I started the Pharmacy Technology program in Mesa in October, I made the decision to go to school and I went to the interview alone. But that was a choice, not a necessity. I’m lucky that I have friends, my parents and my family to encourage me, motivating me to do better. I know not everyone has that.

Sometimes you’ll get off track; everyone does. But you need people to remind you why you’re doing this, and to help keep you focused. School can be quite stressful, so you need positive people around you – you definitely don’t need people who bring stress into your life, or have a tendency to bring you down.

Set Up Your Own Carrington Support System

A lot of people don’t have anyone at home to motivate them or don’t have that outside support system, which is why developing your own system, including teachers, classmates, and advisors, can really help.

I’ll be honest with you; recently I struggled a little with attendance. I seemed to be late every single day because my work schedule changed to 8am to 5:30pm. I had literally 30 minutes to get from work to school. I hate being late, even if just a few minutes, but I always seemed to get stuck in traffic.

Even though it was usually only a couple of minutes, it stressed me out really bad; I wasn’t focused, and I wasn’t doing great on my tests. But my teacher was great; he let me know that if I needed anything, I could stay after class. He told me that he knows I have a full-time job so, as long as I’m communicating with him, I shouldn’t worry about being a couple of minutes late. He was very good about it all, but honestly it just threw me off track a little.

Stay on Track

We all need someone to help us stay on track, to encourage us to continue following our dreams and achieve our goals. My friends, Marie and Carla, are the people outside school who I call if I’m having a bad day; they always motivate me to do better.

If you don’t have family and friends supporting you outside, support from inside school is just as valuable. Our class has grown since we started, and I get on well with the girls in class. But honestly, now that the material is getting more in depth, we really don’t have the time to talk or hang out like we used to. That doesn’t mean that my classmates aren’t supportive of each other, we are, but as you move through the program, it’s more down to you; you’re more on your own so it’s important to make friends early. Teachers alone aren’t the best support system, but they do motivate you to do better.

I also have a little picture on hand, part of a PowerPoint presentation that we made in FA100; it’s like a collage of what I want in the future and a reminder of why I’m in school. Every time I feel like not going to class, or not doing my homework, that’s what I use to motivate myself without reaching out to others. It makes me remember why I started, and why I’m doing this.

Thanks for checking in again – I hope some of my rambling thoughts help you on your Carrington journey!